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TrueBook brand of software for Logistics, Courier and E-Commerce helps manage your business with ease. This management system will facilitate the day-to-day operations of Small and Medium business and is also integrated with a full-fledged Financial Accounting Module to efficiently manage your Business Finance in compliance with VAT/GST regulations as well as provide segmented analysis and management information’s to rationalize your financial views, thus helping you to take prompt and smart business decisions.

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About Truebook

TrueBook Business Solutions are a range of products developed exclusively to suit the requirements of small and medium business of all industries. Business employing these solutions will benefit from unprecedented automation, saves manpower and helps improve core logistics and decision making capabilities.

Minimum implementation challenges to start using the system within Day 1 of registering.

1 month Unlimited Access to the system with live data to ensure the software meets your business requirements.

Easily customized and scalable for additional business process.

Integrated with full-fledged Financial Account module comprising of General Ledger, Account Receivable, Account Payable, Inventory Management and Utilities along with real-time back end posting of financial entries thus eliminating duplication of works.


Our State-of-the-art Web-based Software Solutions


Financial Accounting System integrated with Inventory Management


AIR | SEA | LAND Logistics System with Financial Accounting module


Courier and E-Commerce Management System with Financial Accounting module

Truebook Benefits


Minimum implementation period to automate your business process across various departments.


Enables the workforce to function from remote areas with in-memory cloud computing, empowering the employer with access to relevant data, on the go.


Designed in such a way that the user interface, database and reports can be customized as per the requirements of the user.


Scalability describes the ability of the system to customize and grow along with the company’s future requirements.


The MIS reports included in the system helps improve the decision making capabilities.

Access from Anywhere

The web based technology facilitates the system to be accessed from anywhere with ease.

Truebook Business Solutions

Who are we?

Since our inception in 2003, we have been helping technology work for our customers and still continuing. We don’t have any mystic formula to make our customers happy except commit to only what we can deliver.

Our long term relationship of almost two decades with our customers proves that we are committed to them by helping technology work for them thus contributing to their happiness.

Yes, we help our customers to WORK SMARTER at an affordable cost.

Not sure if this software works for you?


You need not pay any advance to use our system.

Before buying you can start using the system with live transactions to ensure the software will suit to all your business requirement.

Send us your contact information and we will setup the system   within a day for you to go live.


What Our Clients Say

Octagon Freight Solutions
Octagon Freight Solutions

Since 2013

We found the Truebook-Freight forwarding system developed with all the requirements of a freight forwarding company. This software has enabled us to streamline our activities and take a more digital-approach to business.

Opal Shipping Service
Opal Shipping Service

Since 2006

We started using Truebook-Freight Forwarding System since 2006. As the owner and manager of a Shipping company in Dubai, I have found the Truebook software to be very useful for our day-to-day activities. The addition of VAT features to the software post-2018 was very important to us and Truebook team had perfectly implemented it before schedule.

Nice Al-Marri Express Services
Nice Al-Marri Express Services

Since 2005

We have been using Truebook-Courier and E-Commerce Management System since 2005 and we have had an excellent experience. Truebook’s custom-made reports for Emirates Post especially, have been exceptional helping us easily submit the Empost Reports. It is a very good product.

Damfo International Shipping Services
Damfo International Shipping Services

Since 2016

There are many challenges in running a Shipping Company. So Truebook’s wide range of features and reports have been very helpful for us. Since they are also a cost-effective solution, it does not pose a heavy load on our finances as well.

ICCS Express
ICCS Express

Since 2010

Courier Management System is one of a kind, easy to use and has very good reports. Their proactive approach to add new features and keep the system updated is very much appreciated. Their technical support is also very prompt.

Kachins Group
Kachins Group

Since 2013

Truebook-Tailoring Software has helped us manage our inventory with the utmost ease. This was customised to manage the incentive towards Master Cutters and Tailors. The financial reports provided by the software gives us an in-depth picture of our finances, hence helping us take decisions without hesitation.


Popular Question

Integrated Management System
Yes, this system is fully integrated with the General Ledger module. All the operation related transactions will be auto-posted into the General Ledger module, which helps to generate accounting and financial reports such as Ledgers, Profit & Loss a/c, Trial balance and Balance sheet.
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