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Integrated Logistics System

Integrated Logistics System (Air | Sea | Land )

Integrated Logistics Management System is an Industry-Specific Software that helps Logistics companies like Shipping, Freight Forwarding and Land transport companies to manage their day-to-day activities of Air, Sea and Land Transport with ease. 

The system is built in a way that fully encompasses the operational activities of a Logistics company like managing Jobs, Revenue, Cost, Finance and Payroll processes.

Product Features

General Ledger

Manage Direct and Indirect expense, Asset and Liabilities including financial reports and Statements.

Account Receivables

Manage Sales enquiry, Quotation, Order, Customer Invoicing, Receipts, Credit Notes and Customer Reports.

Account Payables

Manage Supplier enquiry, Quotation, Purchase order (LPO), Supplier Invoicing, Payments, Supplier Reports


Manage Job enquiry, Quotation, Estimation, Jobs, Consignment notes, Truck-details, Loading & Unloading.


Manage Employees, Warehouse, User profiles, Navigation Menu, Data Import - Export and Backup - Restore.

Product Benefits


Minimum implementation period to automate your business process across various departments.


Designed in such a way that the user interface, database and reports can be customized as per the requirements of the user.


Enables the workforce to function from remote areas with in-memory cloud computing, empowering the employer with access to relevant data, on the go.


Best practices of UI/UX implemented throughout the application.


Scalability describes the ability of the system to customize and grow along with the company’s future requirements.

Access from Anywhere

Web-based technology facilitates the system to be accessed from anywhere.


All Accounting Reports and Financial Reports as well as downloadable VAT & GST reports for Tax Filing.


The MIS reports included in the system helps improve the decision making capabilities.

Special Features


We can develop customized APIs for integrating with Third Party Database to download, upload and synchronize data for various purposes such as Tracking and Automated data update.


The system can also be used on your mobile device as a mobile app to be able to have a high-level overview of your financials on-the-go.

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